DoBeDo 4.2.2

Handle todos from your Dashboard


  • Integration with iCal and Mail
  • Print to do list
  • Sort by date, favorite, random, list
  • Show completed and future
  • Four styles


  • A bit sluggish at times

Very good

DoBeDo is a widget to handle your to-do lists from your Dashboard.

Much more than a simple widget, DoBeDo allows you to control your lists like a real GTD application.

You'll be able to manage your items, adding and deleting them from the list. The interface is simple and clear making your lists accessible at a click.

You can choose from four different styles and either a basic or detailed view. Items can be sorted by date, favorite list or randomly and you can show completed, future or both types of items.

The real strength of DoBeDo is its integration with both iCal and Apple Mail. Thanks to this, you can link up events from your iCal and emails from Mail.

This is a great of way of managing multiple items through just one, easy to reach interface. If you need to, DoBeDo also allows you to quickly print out your lists to take them with you anywhere.

While it can feel a bit sluggish at times, the widget is very handy most of the time.

In all, DoBeDo is a very handy to-do list widget with great iCal and Apple Mail integrations.

DoBeDo is a freeware Dashboard Widget for Mac OS X. The widget allows you to view, add, edit and delete todo items. Its tight integration with iCal and Apple Mail make it an indispensable addition to any Dashboard lineup.

You can display items from any one of your calendars, open multiple widgets each set to a different calendar, or list all of your tasks together in a single widget.



DoBeDo 4.2.2

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